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Commissioner Van Doren:
Hunterdon County Government Has Major Responsibilities For The Public

Hunterdon County’s government has numerous responsibilities that affect the quality of life in the County from bridge and road maintenance, to 911 emergency dispatch for the entire county, to health and environmental protection services and many more.  In a series of newsletters, I plan to report on various county operations and public policies benefiting the public that are overseen by the County Commissioner Board.


I am completing my sixth year on the Board with a record of public service highlighted by freezing the county property tax rate at the 2018 rate every year since I joined the Board.

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When I served as Director of the then Freeholder Board in 2020, working with the other members of the Board, we ensured that county services continued for the public despite the state-ordered COVID-19 shutdown.


A member of the Board’s Budget Committee for the past four years, I have worked with my colleagues to lead the way in keeping the County debt-free.  County debt payments have been eliminated since 2014.


I presently serve as liaison to the Departments of Public Works and Engineering, Health, and the Shade Tree Commission, and as a Hunterdon County representative to the Raritan Valley Community College Board of School Estimate, and Chamber of Commerce.


Currently, I serve as the County’s representative to the New Jersey Association of Counties (NJAC), a statewide organization that advocates on behalf of County governments and taxpayers, of which I serve as 1st Vice President.

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