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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Van Doren: Hunterdon County Government Has Major Responsibilities For The Public

Hunterdon County’s government has numerous responsibilities that affect the quality of life in the County from bridge and road maintenance, to 911 emergency dispatch for the entire county, to health and environmental protection services and many more. In a series of newsletters, I plan to report on various county operations and public policies benefiting the public that are overseen by the County Commissioner Board.


Innovative ‘Slurry Seal’ Program Extends Life Of Roadways, Saves Costs

Seeking savings from high cost road reconstruction on county roadways, Hunterdon County is investing in a road preservation product known as ‘slurry seal’ which can extend the life of roadways by between five and eight years.

As liaison to the Department of Public Works, I stated at a recent Board meeting, that the Board is advised pavement preservation, especially slurry seal, extends the life of existing roadways for a fraction of the

cost of traditional milling and resurfacing.


Hunterdon County Health Department Gains $3 Million In Grant Funds To Support Health Readiness

Hunterdon County’s Health Department recently was successful in gaining $3.1 million in grant funds from the New Jersey Department of Health and the New Jersey Association of City and County Health Officials to be used to improve public health infrastructure, readiness for public health emergency response, and equitable access to healthcare.


Upcoming Events in Hunterdon County

Whether you are planning to enjoy a beautiful fall day at one of the County's many parks, or looking to dispose of Hazardous materials. There are many upcoming events and service days for residents to take advantage of.

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